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Web Based VoIP Billing, VoIP Routing, and VoIP Management Software

Looking for a billing and management solution for your softswitch or border session contoller? Our web based management system lets you take back control of your network, regardless of how many devices you have on your network.

VoIP Network Nightmare?
Our pleasure. We help our clients solve tough problems such as:

 Local Number Portability
 Dynamic Translations
 Data Mining

Consolidate your VoIP network:
 and more

Your diverse network can all be billed and routed from one central web page. Converge all your devices and gateways. Different user levels or agent pages let vendors and clients view their records in real time. Pre-scheduled reports mean your billing is done when you come into the office on Monday.

VoIP Billing, VoIP Routing, and VoIP Management Solutions all from one easy to use web page. RADIUS, AAA, H323, SIP, MGCP or SS7 / C7 we can help you design and implement a seamless VoIP backbone. webVoIP is proud to serve Voice carriers, Service providers, and Resellers worldwide. Our state of the art technology is designed with two main goals in mind: Total Accuracy, and 100% reliability for your VoIP billing and VoIP routing.

Our custom RADIUS server allows our servers to handle more records per second with the lowest router CPU overhead. This allows you the peace of mind to collect all your records during floods of incomplete records that can appear on large networks.

webVoIP has developed and supports one of the industry's most comprehensive offerings of integrated Voice Over IP billing, enhanced telephony applications, including Debit Card, Gateway to Gateway IP Relay, Gateway to Gateway Billing, Network Operations Center, and Real Time Monitoring.  With webVoIP, you can even see your active calls directly from our web based billing platform, one of the many real time tools that put you in control of your VoIP network. Does your VoIP billing system do this?

Traditionally, telecom minute growth was restricted by the number of personnel required to analyze the data.  Around the turn of the century, this was a fairly simple formula of one million minutes for each employee.  As the business relationships and required interconnects required a location near a metropolitan area, this meant the costs for personnel and office space were significant. 

webVoIP’s collection of software changes all this.  With webVoIP’s VoIP billing, VoIP routing for SIP and H323, and management tools a company can re-adjust their minute/personnel ratio achieving up to a tenfold increase in productivity.  A company with ten employees can now effectively run more than 100,000,000 minutes.  The costs savings means our software pays for itself in less than one year!

WebVoIP Currently Services a Customer Base on Five Continents

The company was founded in August of 2000 and currently services a customer base on five continents. webVoIP is staffed by seasoned professionals who have backgrounds in computer science, accounting, networking, router configuration.  webVoIP also can help you optimize your VoIP networks.  Bandwidth and router overhead costs money, why waste it?  In some cases we have cut our customer's bandwidth usage on VoIP by over 50% using their existing hardware, allowing them to double the amount of traffic on their international private lines and satellite links. 

Our team of experts can also help you integrate SS7 or C7 into your network with our Cisco's PGW (formerly SC2200) expertise.  A links, F Links, standalone or redundant, we have done it all.  In addition we can show you how to save money with Cisco's new Integrated SLT options.  Run four or more F links right off your as5350 or as5400! 

Our products are engineered to interact with Cisco, Nextone, and Quintum voice products. In fact, in the last year we have delivered and billed billions of undisputable VoIP minutes world wide.


VoIP Experts

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Niche Applications

Cisco IP to IP Voice Gateway is Here

We have the the hottest technology for VoIP routing. Now you can route Voice Traffic between end points dynamically with out decompressing the voice packets. Digit translation, prefix addition, and IP address masking done on the fly. To learn more click here.

T4 Small Calling Card and Billing Solution

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