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webVoIP customers typically:

 Have VoIP technicians
 Require advanced assistance
 Require custom features
 Require network optimization

About Us

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, webVoIP develops, markets and supports one of the industry's most comprehensive offerings of integrated VoIP billing VoIP Routing, and enhanced voice applications. Services including Debit Card, Gateway to Gateway Relay, Gateway to Gateway Billing, Network Operations Center, H323 Routing, Sip Routing, and Real Time Monitoring.

The company currently services a customer base on five continents. webVoIP is staffed by seasoned professionals who have backgrounds in computer science, accounting, networking, router configuration, and voice/data integration.

Mission Statement

To create long-term, sustainable value for our customers and shareholders, by providing our clients with the most accurate, most reliable, most dependable VoIP solutions in the market.

VoIP Prepaid Calling with NO DSPs

By not needing to buy a media server, the system pays for itself. You can do it with Cisco and webVoIP

SS7 and C7 for CISCO

We specialize in many other things including SS7 ( ANSI ) and C7 ( ITU / CCITT / ETSI ) with CISCO.


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