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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VOIP ?

VoIP represents Voice over Internet Protocol and is a general term that implies the encoding of voice traffic over the Internet.

Can I do prepaid calling with my Cisco voice router?

Our platform supports up to nine languages per DID/Dialed number on Cisco voice routers including models 1760,2600,3600,as5300,as5350,as5400,5800,5850.

Can I originate traffic from other countries?

Our platform will let you use the same PIN for traffic from any of the Cisco voice gateways. In addition, a customer can use the same PIN on any of your gateways, but could be billed differently depending on which gateway they call from. For example, if they were go travel to another country where you had a local access number, they could use their same PIN, but their call would be rated at a different rate than their call from the United States.

Do you support SIP?

The webVoIP does not distinguish how you send your voice traffic. We do support billing from the Cisco SIP Proxy Server directly if you require this.

Can you help us with SS7/C7?

We have done SS7 and C7 installations all over the world using Cisco's SC2200/PGW platform.

My satellite link is out of bandwidth, but I hardly have any calls on it, what can I do?

When you work with webVoIP, you don't just gain our billing expertise, you also profit from our VoIP experience. In most cases we are able to help customers squeeze another 25-33% out of their bandwidth without affecting call quality. Like any technology, there are tips and tricks that help things to run more efficiently and we know them all.

Does webVoIP design networks?

If you like, webVoIP can design and build your entire network for you, so you know it was done correctly and efficiently. Let us show you how webVoIP can pay for itself.

Can you make my network secure ?

Yes. Our team has extensive knowledge, and tools to secure all aspects of VoIP communications. We can protect you from intrusion at many different levels



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